Recording Guidelines

Recording Guidelines

This year’s competition tune is “Peace/Blue Silver” a new arrangement for big bands by Joe Goldberg. All bands wishing to participate should submit a recording of “Peace/Blue Silver”, a tune of the band director’s choice, and a recording submission form by Friday November 9, 2018.

icon-document Download the recording submission form

“My students were blown away by the pros…and some of the students in other bands as well!”

Stutz Wimmer, Atlanta, GA

Submission Instructions

Submit EITHER a recorded CD or digital files with the following two (2) tracks:
•”Peace/Blue Silver” arranged for big bands by Joe Goldberg
• A song of the band director’s choice

For digital submissions, please adhere to the following guidelines:
• Submit recordings as mp3 files ONLY. Other types of files (.wav, .aud, .band, etc.) may not be accepted.
• Please label each file in the following way: “HighSchoolNameBandNameSongName”
• Send each file in a SEPARATE email to

Label CDs as follows: Band name, track 1 name, track 2 name.

List band personnel and all featured soloists on the Recording Submission Form. Band personnel and soloists must be the same players as will attend the festival.

Recordings must be RECEIVED by November 9, 2018.