How to participate

How to Participate

Swing Central Jazz has three rounds

When you submit an Interest Form, you will be eligible to receive a free copy of a new arrangement. You can submit the Interest Form at any time, but bands who submit on or before September 6th will get access to an electronic copy of the chart on Monday, September 9th. No obligation to attend Swing Central Jazz or to submit an audition recording is required at this point.

ROUND TWO: Submit an Audition Recording

If you would like to be considered as one of the finalists, submit a recording of your band and a tune of your choice. Recordings may be submitted as CDs or as digital files. The deadline for the recording is November 8, 2019. Make sure to read the Recording Guidelines.

ROUND THREE: Attend Swing Central Jazz at the Savannah Music Festival in Savannah, Georgia

After you submit your recording, a blind panel of judges will select the top bands to attend Swing Central Jazz at the Savannah Music Festival, April 1–3, 2020. Here the bands will attend workshops and individual band clinics, see festival performances, and play in public performances for festival audiences. Swing Central Jazz concludes with the competition day and finale performance with the top three bands.

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