Donor Benefits

Donor Benefits

Described by USA Today as “one of the top music festivals in the world, a gathering known for innovative, creative collaborations which honor Georgia roots while drawing top international performers,” the Savannah Music Festival (SMF) is one of the most distinctive cross-genre music festivals anywhere. While box office revenues continue to grow each year, earned income accounts for only 40 percent of SMF’s annual budget. As a non-profit organization, our dedicated contributors help to keep SMF’s unique artistic spirit alive for generations to come.

Savannah Music Festival provides the following benefits to reward and acknowledge those invested in perpetuating the artistic excellence of our programming, and the cultural and economic development of our community. 

If you should have any questions about donor benefits or would like assistance making a contribution, contact SMF Development at 912.234.3378 x106. 

Download the 2020 Individual Benefits Chart

Download the 2020 Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Chart

Download the 2020 Education Donor Benefits Chart