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Advertise with the 2024 Savannah Music Festival


Savannah Music Festival has a huge and positive economic impact on Savannah. We love to see the festival come around each year. All of our property absolutely buzz with excitement during the festival and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with SMF. Our guests and locals alike enjoy the festival’s many concerts and events.”

Jan Finnegan, Director of Marketing and Sales, Savannah Lodging


Want to forge community partnerships and weave your business into the cultural fabric of Savannah? Join Savannah Music Festival (SMF) as an advertiser and connect your business with locals and visitors alike while simultaneously helping SMF bring a world of music to our city. 

SMF’s annual festival in late March/early April attracts up to 30,000 concertgoers over the course of 17 days. Every spring, diverse festival patrons fill area lodging establishments and restaurants, frequent attractions, shop locally, and spread the word about their experiences in Savannah to future visitors. 

Become an SMF Local Partner ($150)

The SMF Local Partners program offers an exciting opportunity to leave a social media trail for festival-goers to follow to your establishment! Local Partners may offer discounts or specials at their discretion to SMF patrons. When posted to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #SMFLocalPartner, we’ll promote your offers with our online community and through word-of-mouth referrals to drive traffic to your business.

Current social media stats: 

Savannah Music Festival – 20,221 fans

@savannahmusicfestival – 6,782 followers 

@savmusicfest – 6,658 followers

Festival Program Advertising

SMF’s 7,500 program books are distributed to patrons free of charge during the festival (March/April 2024). The glossy, full-color publication includes in-depth information about individual festival performers, a detailed venue map as well as facts about SMF education programs and the organization in general.

Standard run-of-book:
Full page $1,750
1/2 page horizontal $1,050
1/2 page vertical $1,050
1/4 page $750

Premium full-page placement:
Back Cover $2,150
Inside Cover (front or back) $2,050
Page 1 (first right-hand read) $1,950

Ads are due February 16, 2024


  • PREFERRED: Hi-Resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF, Print ready, 300+ dpi CMYK file submitted by e-mail
  • Collected InDesign files, including fonts and artwork, high-resolution PDFs, or flattened high-res TIFFs may be submitted by mail on CD or via file-sharing program (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)
  • Images should be 300+ dpi and color builds must be CMYK process
  • Make sure to embed all fonts and images in PDF
  • JPG formats are not accepted as final ad files

Program Bookmark ($2500)

This piece is inserted day of show into the 7,500 program books distributed daily during the festival (March/April 2024). (Only one available)

Website listing ($500)

SMF’s website attracts over 20,000 monthly users starting with the season announcement through the end of the festival, and over 75% of ticket sales are online transactions. Website listings are listed by category in the “Plan Your Visit” section of the SMF website (, e.g. “Accommodations” for hotels and inns, “Food & Drink” for restaurants and bars, and “While You’re Here” for services like parking or salons. Between the season announcement and the start of the festival in March, SMF’s weekly e-blasts link directly to the “Plan Your Visit” pages. See above for SMF Local Partners program information.

Additional Information

For more information on how to advertise with the Savannah Music Festival, or to become a corporate sponsor, please call 912.234.3378 or e-mail

Non-profit and agency rates are available. Please contact us for more information.

Submit all materials by deadlines specified via e-mail to

If you are interested in bundling your ad buy with a concert or program sponsorship or would like to find out more about making a donation to the festival, please contact the Development Office at 912.234.3378 ext. 106, E-mail: