Support SMF

Support SMF

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit music organization, Savannah Music Festival relies on the support of generous donors, sponsors, and grantors, without whom the festival and our education programs would not be possible. All of our supporters sustain our commitment to program world-class live music that entertains, educates, inspires, and unites our community. 


What can my donation do?

$100 can bring music education in K-2 classrooms throughout the Coastal Empire through Savannah Music Festival’s Musical Explorers program, which teaches more than 10,000 kids about regional and international music genres and culminates in semester-end concerts featuring the artists they’ve been studying. A gift of $100 can bring nine young children to the semester-end concerts!

$500 can bring incredible festival performances to listeners nationwide by underwriting the cost of recording and publishing episodes of our weekly SMF Live! radio show for Georgia Public Broadcasting and affiliate stations. A gift of $500 can bring one of the 52 annually published episodes to the airwaves! 

$1,500 can make live music accessible to young music lovers by providing a free ticket to general admission festival performances to local public school students and their guardians through the Explorer Pass program. A contribution of $1,500 can give the gift of a live music performance to 33 students!

$2,500 can foster the next generation of musicians by providing free instruments and lessons and regular performance opportunities to local 5-12 grade students in the SMF Jazz Academy program. A gift of $2,500 can provide daily lessons to a student for an entire year!

$4,000 can create unforgettable experiences for festival attendees by providing top-tier sound, lighting, and stage production at all performances. A gift of $4,000 can help underwrite the production costs for one of more than 100 festival performances!

$5,000 can secure world-class artists for the festival by offering competitive artist fees, making Savannah Music Festival an unmissable annual event praised by local and national media sources. A contribution of $5,000 can help underwrite the artist fees for a performance!

$7,500 can bring international artists to Savannah by helping to underwrite the travel and lodging costs for hundreds of festival artists and crew that come to the festival each year. A contribution of $7,500 can help provide flights and housing for ten festival artists.

$10,000 can create unique and adventurous live music opportunities like performances by up-and-coming artists, world premiere projects, and commissioned works. A contribution of $10,000 can underwrite the commission of an exciting world-premiere work for the festival!