Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we keep our instruments in the Civic Center overnight?

A: We do not recommend leaving your instruments overnight. We cannot guarantee that the room will be locked or guarded outside of the SCJ schedule or during other events that might take place within the building.


Q: Will there be drums, guitar and bass amps at all the venues?

A: Yes. We will have a full backline available to bands in all of our indoor venues and workshops, including drums, pianos, bass and guitar amps, and weighted keyboards at the competition warm-up and Jazz on the River showcase. If your drummer(s) did not bring a cymbal pack, we will have cymbals available to check out. We will also have vibraphones at all locations. PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP IF YOU REQUIRE VIBES.


Q: Where can we park our bus?

A: Buses may drop off at the Civic Center and park in a lot on nearby East Broad Street (see map). Cars may park in the main Civic Center lot (accessible from Liberty Street) at a daily rate.


Q: We are renting a bass. Where do we pick it up and drop it off?

A: After checking in on Wednesday morning, your bass player will be able to pick up the bass in the Musgrove room of the Civic Center. Each rental bass will include a pick-up. After the competition and/or finale, please drop off the bass and pick-up with the Swing Central Jazz stage manager at the Lucas Theatre at 11:30AM, 3PM or at the intermission of the finale.


Q: How do I get to Rousakis Plaza for Jazz on the River?

A: If you are driving: the best way to access River Street and Rousakis Plaza is to drop off at the Hyatt Regency (located next to City Hall at the intersection of Bay Street and Bull Street) and take the elevator down to River Street (see map). A small, city-operated elevator is located next to the Hyatt (tucked between the Hyatt and City Hall), and you can also use the Hyatt’s larger elevators, located in the back of the lobby. If you are walking, there are many staircases and ramps available that lead down to River Street. The quickest way is to take stairs or the ramp at Bay Street/Factor’s Walk and Drayton Street. Look for signs that say “River Street Access” or “Ramp to River Street.” Please be mindful that many of the staircases are very steep and uneven. We do not recommend taking the stairs while carrying large or heavy instruments. The plaza is directly in front of Huey’s, and will have a Swing Central Jazz banner.


Q: What will happen during the Jazz on the River showcase?

A: Please arrive to Rousakis Plaza 20 minutes prior to your showcase time. An emcee will introduce your band and you will you have 15 minutes to perform. Bands should prepare a maximum of two songs for this showcase.


Q: What do we wear for the Jazz on the River showcase?

A: This is a casual, outdoor event. Wear your SCJ or school T-shirt and comfortable pants like jeans or khakis. Flat, comfortable shoes are strongly encouraged as many areas on River Street and the stairs leading to it are paved with uneven, steep cobblestones. Please prepare for the possibility of performing and/or watching in the full sun and wind. We encourage your band to wear sun protection and bug spray. Some clothespins will be available in the case of wind, but we encourage you to bring more. In the case of inclement weather, this event will be canceled.


Q: What do we wear to the competition and/or finale?

A: Concert attire is appropriate for this event. We recommend flat shoes, as bands will be walking through an alleyway to get to the backstage area at the Lucas. See Competition Procedures.


Q: During the competition, do bands have to play songs in a particular order?

A: No. Just play them all within the 25 minutes allotted. See Competition Procedures.


Q: If my band doesn’t place, can we still attend the SCJ Finale Concert?

A: Yes, each band receives 30 complimentary tickets. Contact Katie Griffith at 912-234-3378 x102 if you need to purchase additional seats.


Q: Where can we keep our instruments during the competition?

A: We will have a space for them at the theatre or you can store them on your bus. See Competition Procedures.


Q: Where will we warm-up for the competition?

A: You will warm-up in Trustees Theater, directly adjacent to the Lucas Theatre. See Competition Procedures.


Q: Will I be able to see the stage set up prior to the competition?

A: Yes. There is an optional competition walk-through at 7:15am on Friday, April 6.


Q: Can I adjust the stage set-up during my band’s competition slot?

A: You are free to adjust the stage; however, please keep in mind that you must leave the stage as you found it, and any adjustments you make will come out of your 25 minutes of competition time.


Q: Can my band observe other bands’ clinics?

A: No.


Q: Can additional students from my program attend Swing Central Jazz, even if they will not play during the competition?

A: Yes. Please include their names and instruments in the Band Information form.