Q&A with SMF Supporter Wet Willie’s Management Corp.

Emily Dickinson, VP for Wet Willie’s Management Corp. (pictured above right with
Joe Ann Brandt and Bill Dickinson) reflects on the organization’s involvement with SMF.

When did Wet Willie’s develop an interest in getting involved with SMF? Wet Willie’s decided to get involved with SMF during the 2012 season. As a music buff, our CEO and founding partner Bill Dickinson was stunned by the wide range of musical genres and world-renowned artists that SMF was bringing to Savannah. As a neuropsychologist and father, he was also deeply impressed by SMF’s music education programs and the huge impact these programs had on the students and teachers.

Why does Wet Willie’s invest in community organizations? We feel it is important to give back to the community that has supported us since opening our first doors on River Street 25 years ago. Savannah is not only our place of origin, it is our home. Wet Willie’s is fortunate to be headquartered in a city as amazing as Savannah, and we are delighted to do all we can to promote the livelihood of our community.

How is Wet Willie’s business impacted through its SMF sponsorship and its community investments overall? Sponsoring SMF and investing in the greater Savannah community has helped Wet Willie’s make many new connections while learning more about the beneficial impact SMF and other organizations have on our city. Organizations like SMF open doors for our community and sponsoring SMF allows us to be a part of this growth and enrichment.

Why should other local businesses be involved with SMF? The Savannah Music Festival is making a tremendous difference in Savannah by bringing in world-class musicians, incredible performances, enriching experiences and life-changing educational opportunities. Every year, SMF helps our city grow through music appreciation, education and tourism as its reputation grows. Supporting SMF is supporting the arts. Contributing to SMF is contributing to Savannah.

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