Savannah Music Festival LIVE 620 – Julian Lage

The general definition of a prodigy is “a child with a skill set or an ability that is incredibly accomplished, far beyond their years.” Often times, such individuals are found in more quantitative fields, such as chess, music and math. One such prodigy is Julian Lage, who was born in 1987 and acclaimed as a major musical talent by the age of 8, when he became the subject of the 1997 Academy Award nominated documentary “Jules at Eight.” Since then, Julian has gone on to become a wonderfully original performer who adores teaching almost as much as he does playing. In the spring of 2013, Julian Lage made his third appearance at the Savannah Music Festival, playing on a double bill with guitarist Martin Taylor. In this episode, we hear highlights from Julian’s solo performance, along with two duets with Martin Taylor.