Roger Day’s “Marsh Mud Madness” available on DVD


Roger Day, one of the nation’s top touring family music artists, released a new music and educational DVD, Marsh Mud Madness, on May 21, 2013. Produced by the Savannah Music Festival and Roger Day, with support from the Georgia Sea Grant and the Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation, the video features engaging information about the plants and animals that make up the Atlantic coastal ecosystem, interspersed with Day performing 12 original songs about goopy mud, fascinating coastal animals and the waters and plants of the marsh itself, in front of a live audience of thousands of kids at the Savannah Music Festival in 2011.

Roger Day first performed the songs at the Savannah Music Festival in 2011, visiting schools in the area and working with educator Jennifer Cole to develop a curriculum, available now for free to any teacher or parent through the Georgia Sea Grant website.

The Marsh Mud Madness DVD is available in the Savannah Music Festival Shop for $15.00 plus shipping &

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