Savannah Music Festival LIVE 425 – Ike Stubblefield Trio with Wycliffe Gordon & Marcus Printup

The sound of the Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie speaker evolved in mid-20th century America through a range of musical genres that included blues, rock, gospel, and most notably, jazz. Many of the finest players on the instrument were jazz musicians, and the trail they blazed on the instrument is still being traveled today. In this episode, we listen to B-3 maestro Ike Stubblefield, whose original sound on the instrument reflects not only his love for jazz, but the influence of the church, rhythm and blues and his years spent playing with such popular musicians as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Stubblefield’s trio includes Grant Green, Jr. and Marcus Williams, and they are joined in this performance by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and trumpet player Marcus Printup.