Savannah Music Festival LIVE 335 – Dick Hyman Trio – Part Two

Original air date: week of December 19, 2010

The development of jazz music during the first half of the twentieth century occurred at an astonishingly rapid pace. The wide array of styles that emerged included the polyphonic improvisation of New Orleans jazz, stride piano, big band swing and bebop. By 1943 Duke Ellington had stopped using the term jazz because he believed that it was a word without meaning, and he claimed that there were too many styles to be contained under one heading. The Dick Hyman Trio is a best described as “jazz” because so much music has transpired since 1943, and because we can more accurately identify particular elements and characteristics of their musical vocabulary. Tune in for part two of a two-part special featuring the 2010 Savannah Music Festival performance by a piano, guitar and reed trio featuring Dick Hyman, Howard Alden and Ken Peplowski.