Acoustic Music Seminar


“I’m a better and more inspired musician after the Acoustic Music Seminar.”
-Matt Witler, 22, (pictured above with David Grisman), La Crescenta, CA

“A life-changing experience!”
-Tatiana Hargreaves, 17, Corvallis, OR

The 2013 festival saw the return of the Acoustic Music Seminar (AMS), our groundbreaking mentorship program for young string players. Sixteen students from around the world were selected to work on songwriting, improvisation and instrumental technique with musicians such as David Grisman, Jerry Douglas, Julian Lage and AMS Director Mike Marshall. For David Benedict, 20, working with these musicians was “utterly incredible. To have these accomplished musicians take the time to get to know me and listen to me play is an experience that is second to none.” For many students though, playing with fellow AMS participants was just as inspiring. “It was so satisfying to collaborate on such a high level,” said Matt Witler, 22. “I learned so much from the other students.” Erik Alvar, 22, agreed, saying “I felt like most of us had been playing music together for years. These are the people that I will call for gigs the rest of my life.”

Visit the Savannah Music Festival on VIMEO for footage from the 2013 AMS Stringband Spectacular. To inquire about how you can support this innovative music education program for the next generation of great string players, e-mail or call the SMF Development Office at (912) 234.3378.