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A rare appearance outside of Music City!

The Time Jumpers were established in Nashville in 1998 by an assemblage of high-dollar studio musicians who wanted to spend some spare time jamming with their sonically gifted buddies. The notion of building a rabidly devoted following was the last thing on their minds, but it eventually happened on Monday evenings at the Station Inn bluegrass club, where the superpickers settled in and set up shop. As word spread along Music Row that something special was happening at Station Inn, big stars began dropping by, some to sit in with the band, others just to enjoy the vast array of country, swing, jazz and pop standards that The Time Jumpers rejoiced in playing. Vince Gill, the 20-time Grammy winner and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, sings and plays guitar, and writes many of the songs for the group’s nine other members, each a master of his or her instrument. Alphabetically, they are: Brad Albin (upright bass), Larry Franklin (fiddle), Paul Franklin (steel guitar), “Ranger Doug” Green (vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar), Andy Reiss (electric guitar), Kenny Sears (fiddle, vocals), Joe Spivey (fiddle, vocals), Jeff Taylor (accordion, piano) and Billy Thomas (drums, vocals).


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