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The Suffers is an exuberant ten-piece Gulf Coast R&B ensemble from Houston, Texas that intertwines elements of classic soul music and rock ‘n’ roll. Driven by a powerful rhythm section and close-knit horn playing, the band is fronted by the massive voice of Kam Franklin. Their music is a reflection of diverse backgrounds coming together to create a musical gumbo, featuring a Latin percussionist, gospel singer, classically-trained saxophonist and jazz drummer. The buzz surrounding The Suffers near sweep of the Houston Press Music Awards in 2014 led them to take their show on the road, performing nearly 150 concerts in 2015. The Suffers are well-positioned for a meteoric rise when they independently release their upcoming debut album, and make their SMF debut in 2016.

Langhorne Slim is a dynamic singer-songwriter with a rapidly growing following. Taking his stage name from that of his hometown in Pennsylvania, Langhorne (a.k.a. Sean Scolnick) he started out as a member of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, who took inspiration for their songwriting from old photographs. Rolling Stone calls Langhorne Slim’s live performances “a mix of soul-shout revival, Americana introspection and the Fifties-evoking jams.” His tightly-knit band, The Law, consists of David Moore on keyboards and banjo, Jeff Ratner on bass and Malachi DeLorenazo on drums.


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