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This original production brings together SMF Associate Artistic Directors Daniel Hope and Marcus Roberts in a program that weaves together the influence of the piano trio across three centuries of music, juxtaposing the varied musical demands of form, style, composition and improvisation. Never before staged, this extraordinary concert will put the piano trio on full display as one of the most compelling formats in both jazz and classical music.

A common format found in classical chamber music, the piano trio usually includes a violin and a cello, as it was first developed within the sonata tradition by Haydn and Mozart. The piano trio was further developed by Beethoven, who expanded its conception before later composers such as Dvořák deviated strongly from the sonata form. In jazz, the trio has always represented the essence of the music in its most condensed form. Throughout the history of the jazz piano trio, composers and bandleaders such as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Ahmad Jamal developed distinctive stylistic conceptions for their trios. In their 20 year existence, the Marcus Roberts Trio has developed an almost telepathic communication, offering up the opportunity for the music to take them into uncharted territory while exploring new approaches to rhythm and playing chord changes. With Daniel Hope’s trio placed alongside the Marcus Roberts Trio on the stage of the Lucas Theatre, this is a rare opportunity to engage with a broad swath of musical history and creativity.


Marcus Roberts Trio - The Spanish Tinge

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