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A virtuoso composer-performer who is unique among keyboardists, Cameron Carpenter‘s approach to the organ is smashing stereotypes while generating a level of acclaim and exposure that is unprecedented for his instrument. His return appearance after his 2013 SMF debut at Christ Church features his International Touring Organ, a portable, digital instrument that he conceived of and designed with organ builders Marshall and Ogletree and that he debuted in a concert at Lincoln Center last year. Despite what organ purists might call his sacrilegious embrace of the unorthodox, Carpenter insists that he is a traditionalist, even though he’s the first organist ever nominated for a Grammy award. With his ambition, visual flair, technological savvy, inclusive tastes and bold, boundary-breaking musicianship, Carpenter is bringing the organ, along with those who would resist changing it, into the 21st century.

“One of the rare musicians who changes the game of his instrument…He is a smasher of cultural and classical music taboos. He is technically the most accomplished organist I have ever witnessed…and most important of all, the most musical.”
Los Angeles Times


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