Hailing from Athens, Georgia, the heralded alt-country ensemble the Drive-By Truckers was co-founded by Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, two Alabamans from the Shoals area in the northwest of the state. The two had played in various other bands including Adam’s House Cat, which was once chosen as a top ten Best Unsigned Band in the late 1980s. Now with more than a dozen releases and extensive touring over the two decades since their founding in 1996, the Drive-By Truckers has “a current line-up that’s as tough and grand on any given night as the best live rock band you’ve ever seen” (NPR’s Ann Powers).


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Patrons who are sensitive to standing/dancing audience members at pop/rock performances are encouraged to select mezzanine and balcony seats. Call 912.234.3378 ext. 111 with questions.


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