Tristan Scroggins

Greenwood Village, CO (Mandolin)

Tristan Scroggins, 22, is a mandolinist and composer from Denver, CO. Tristan’s current studio recording features an original which was a finalist for the IAMAs Instrumental Song of the Year; and in 2016 he received a nomination for the Instrumental Momentum Award from IBMA. If he could meet any musician (living or dead) it would be Bill Monroe, a musician whose work and sacrifice Tristan feels paved the way for him.

His advice for young musicians: “You’ll only get out of yourself what you put in. All of the best musicians in this vague genre got where they are because of an absolutely obsessive desire to play their instrument. Always be aware of your goals and be honest with yourself about what you have to do to achieve them.”

Find him on instagram: @mandolin2842