Sam Leslie

Evergreen, CO (Guitar)

With a background in traditional and American roots music, Sam Leslie, 19, was raised playing guitar, mandolin and bass in a family of musicians. In fact, his most cherished musical moments are the times he gets to jam with his family. Currently he studies guitar at the Berklee College of Music. He feels a calling to preserve the essence of traditional music while elevating his study and craft to progress his art form. When asked what musician (living or dead) he would like to meet, he said “I have to choose a couple for this. I would go for John Hartford, Django, Bill Monroe, and Paul McCartney because there is something undeniably potent about their music that just reaches so deep. They were masters of their style and elevated it to new heights.”

His advice to young musicians: “1) Don’t wait to be the musician you want to be. Do it now! 2) As important as listening to and making as much music as you can is, learn to value and spend time with silence. 3) They call it playing music for a reason. It should be fun and rewarding. Just doing music isn’t as fun.”

Find him on Instagram: @S_Jo_Les