Mathaeus Bech

Copenhagen, Denmark (Double Bass)

foto: Jesper Rais,

Mathaeus Bech, 20, has been playing music for 12 years, and has been playing the Bass for 6 years. He is currently studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is influenced by such musicians as, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Palle Mikkelborg, NielsHenning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP), and Edgar Meyer. If Mathaeus could meet any musician, living or dead, it would be John Cage. He explains, “he seems like a very kind, generous and interesting person.”

When asked what his happiest musical experience is, Mathaeus answered, “Hmm, happiest… One very calm and beautiful midnight summer by the bonfire at a danish fiddle camp springs to mind.” If approached by a younger musician for advice, Mathaeus would suggest that they meet up, play, and talk. In other musicians, Mathaeus most values listening. He explains, “being good at listening and reacting to what’s happening- both within and outside of music.” Mathaeus is most looking forward to meeting lots of amazing new people, and playing music at AMS!

Check out Mathaeus’ original tune Volvo, written about his car.

Be sure to check out Mathaeus and all of the AMS musicians at the Lucas Theatre on April 8 at the Stringband Spectacular!

Stay tuned to meet more AMS musicians!