Mali Obomsawin

Farmington, ME (Bass)

Mali Obomsawin, 21, grew up in a musical family and played in orchestras and fiddle groups throughout her youth. During her year at Berklee College of Music she began singing and songwriting. Now primarily a jazz/folk bassist, Mali tours full-time during school vacations and studies jazz and literature at Dartmouth. While her musical influences include Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, and Richard Davis, if she could meet any musician living or dead it would be Randy Newman. In her words, “While he’s most known for his sarcasm and ironic ‘unreliable narration,’ he also writes profoundly vulnerable and honest songs. His versatility as a writer and composer strikes a profound balance between socially critical satire, sensitive songwriting, and harmonic genius. Besides musically, I’d love to just hang, joke, jam, and talk politics with him.”

Her advice to younger musicians: “Listen broadly… listen to every record you can, and learn something about it. Whether you learn a riff, a chorus, or the history of the artist/band, it’s so important to listen actively to everything!”


Find her on Instagram (@omalleythealley_cat) & Twitter (@lulawiles)