Jacob Warren

South Lyon, MI (Double Bass)


Jacob Warren, 20, is currently studying Music Performance at University of Michigan, and has been playing the double bass for 10 years. Jacob’s musical influences include Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Sarah Jarosz, Paul Kowert, Renauld Garcia-Fons, Yo-Yo Ma, Diana Gannett, Robert Rohwer, Punch Brothers, and Bela Fleck. The one musician, alive or dead, that Jacob would like to meet is Maurice Ravel. He says, “The music that Ravel wrote is some of my absolute favorite music. Ravel was a master of orchestration, and was arguably the best at using the timbre of instruments in his compositions. He also was very skilled at taking other composer’s works and fleshing them out into larger pieces. Like say, taking a piano piece and turning it into an orchestral work. His use of harmony is also something that I greatly admire. He borrowed liberally from the idiom of jazz and also from eastern musical idioms. I would jump at the opportunity to meet this great composer, and pick his brain!”

Jacob’s happiest musical experience was at AMS last year. Jacob says, “Being surrounded by peers as talented and energetic as the students who come to AMS was a real privilege. When young musicians who play at a high level, and can keep up with each other, come together to play, amazing and new things start to happen.” In other musicians, he most values a deep appreciation for, and ability to play a variety of differing musical styles. Jacob says, “With technological globalization, the diversity of the musical pallet has changed drastically in the past two decades. I really love when I can play with someone and freely borrow from a variety of musical scores.”Jacob has specific advice for younger musicians, saying “Being a musician is much more than just being able to play. To be a successful professional you really have to cultivate a diversity of skills, including, but not limited to business, promotional and organizational skills. Being a great musician, and being able to conduct yourself professionally will help you make it as a musician.” At AMS this year, Jacob is most looking forward to meeting the fellow AMS musicians. Jacob says, “Last year I met so many new amazing musicians who have made my past musical year endlessly interesting, and I can’t wait to see what kind of connection I will be making this time around!”

Check out Jacob playing the double bass below:

Be sure to check out Jacob and all of the AMS musicians at the Lucas Theatre on April 8 at the Stringband Spectacular!