Carolyn Kendrick

Stockton, CA (Violin/Fiddle)

Fiddler, singer, and songstress Carolyn Kendrick, 22, is a life-long musical trouble maker who makes herself at home wherever there’s a groove. She cites her parents among her musical influences, as well as Tim O’Brien, Ray Charles, and Joe Walsh. A recent Berklee College of Music graduate, you can catch her performing with her band, The Page Turners, the FreshGrass Best Duo Award Winner of 2016.

Her advice to young musicians: “Play with a sense of joy, and always stay curious. Spend time surrounding yourself with musicians that inspire you and help you, rather than tear others down. Channel all of the energy some might be inclined to normally use to compare themselves to others into shedding your instrument and staying healthy. Learning how to be self-directed and organized early on makes in easier to be productive once you’re out of school and don’t have built in structure.”

Find her on Instagram or Twitter: @carekendrick