Ben Garnett

Arlington, TX (Guitar)

Ben Garnett, 22, is a guitarist, composer, and music educator residing in Denton, TX. Having played for eleven years, he lists getting to play in a trio with Jason Bucklin and Andy Timmons as one of his fondest musical memories. Ben currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from the prestigious University of North Texas. Known for his honesty and versatility, he draws inspiration from a variety of musicians to create a unique style that craftily blends many musical traditions.

His advice to young musicians: “Stay true to what you really love about music. It will, of course, change and evolve with time and maturity, but always stay in tune with it, and let it guide you. Writing and/or playing music only to fulfill what other people (ex: your teachers and/or peers) love about music is a surefire way to burnout—fast. For me, staying honest with myself has helped so much. It’s helped me to figure out a lot about myself, and additionally has helped to re-light my torch of inspiration during ruts and dark times. Another thing, hire your musical heroes/teachers/people a lot older than you for gigs! Don’t be timid or insecure. The worst that can happen is that they say “no.” And if they say “yes,” it’s a learning experience like no other!”

Find him on Instagram: @kid_garnett